Mazatlan is truly a pearl of Mexico that needs to been seen. In the early 80's – mid 90's Mazatlan was the vacation destination to go to, similar to Cancun and the Mayan Riviera today. However, as hotels and resorts started to show their age and newer resorts started to pop up in new locations, Mazatlan fell out of favour. Over the last few years hotel chains, Mexico tourism, and Mazatlan itself have put hundreds of millions of dollars into revitalizing the Mazatlan tourism industry. They have done this through many brand new huge five star resorts, such as the Riu Emerald Bay.

The nickname which has been given to Mazatlan, "Pearl of the Pacific", has nothing to do with pearls, it is a gracious compliment to this very friendly Pacific resort city. Mazatlan is a very interesting city and embraces tourism with a zest, but Mazatlan is more than just a resort. Mazatlan could survive just fine without tourism. The tourism industry in Mazatlan is not the most important item on this city's agenda. This translates to a more kicked back attitude toward tourism and this can be a big plus to tourists. Much of the hype and constant pressure from hotels, timeshare companies and the tourist sector in general for the tourism dollar is more sedate here. This equates to a more relaxed vacation to the average tourist.

Mazatlan has over 15 miles of pleasant beaches to enjoy. The most popular tourist beaches are located in the golden zone, which is located north of Fiesta Land, the Moorish style complex that houses a great deal of Mazatlan's hearty nightlife. In the golden zone you will find many varieties of water sports, great beachfront restaurants, and many of Mazatlans most popular hotels. To find your favorite spot on the beach, just start walking; the best spot will find you.

Beach vendors work on all of the beaches and will offer you everything from fresh fruit to temporary tattoos. You can have your hair braided – Bo Derek style - on every beach in Mazatlan. Be courteous to the beach vendors; a simple smile and head shake is enough if you're not interested. If you are interested, be prepared to barter, pay what you feel is reasonable.

When you visit Mazatlan, you should prepare yourself for an active vacation. Mazatlan has great beaches, many attractions, a variety of interesting historical sites and many interesting monuments spread out all over the city. Just visiting the monuments and statues could take up an entire day. Of course, if all you want to do is enjoy the surf and sun, this is OK too. The beach and the water activities associated with resort vacations is what vacations are all about for many travelers. Mazatlan offers you many different choices for your vacation, kicked back - full relaxation, active - adventurous, ecological - exploratory. You may come to Mazatlan to relax but the lure of exploration is a constant possibility if you happen to venture very far away from your hotel.

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